Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Old Guy Mortality Musings

If there is anything at all that's different about this blog and other four that I hope somebody stumbles upon, it's the age thing.  At just short of 89, I could be the father or grandfather of  most internet users.  It would be real nice if that made me wise  It just puts me in a very different place from anyone who reads my geriatric ramblings.
I am a widower as of 2013  My parents, aunts and uncles, siblings and all but a few possible cousins are long gone. How could someone half my age or younger possibly relate to anything I say about death?
There's not much I can tell them. So I talk to myself.  Isn't that what many bloggers do? It's good to see your thoughts on screen and be surprised at what you wrote. You think, " Did I say that?  Is that what I've been thinking?"
That's a pretty good reason to keep a journal or diary or write a blog about life, death and everything in between.  If you need comments, put it on facebook.  If it's your personal diary, do a blog.

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