Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wrong about death?

I don't relate to the posts about death and grieving that I see on Facebook. Is there something wrong with me? There are lots of things wrong with me.  But the way I deal with death is not one of them.  We are all different.  Our attitudes and feelings about death are shaped by countless factors, beliefs and experiences.  Age is a big part of it. My grandmother died when I was seven.  That was eighty years ago. Facebookers are half my age.  Or younger.

Why does the 1940 Cadillac keep showing up here?  Maybe it's a guy thing. I hope some guy who is into classic cars will spot it and take a peek at what the blog is about.  It would be good  to know that men read something about death that's written by a man and find something helpful in it.

Monday, March 27, 2017



That's what it's about...Talk About Death Right Now.  Your own. Your parents. Anyone you care about. Talk about it with family if you can.  If you can't talk with a family member, find someone who can.  It needs to be done.