Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's Your Grief

At age 85 I could be the father or grandfather of most of the people who use the internet and read blogs. With all the deaths I have dealt with in those 8 decades, including the passing of my wife of 60 years, I should have some really wise  things to say about death. Nope. Like the other 4 blogs I grind out, this one is little more than half baked comments and observations.  I do hope they might be of some value to somebody somewhere.  But if you want real, thoughtful, professional, caring ideas about dealing with death, there are good resources here on the internet.

One that I like a lot is "What's Your Grief?"  The blog is  written by Eleanor and Litsa, long time professional mental health workers specializing in dealing with grief and bereavement. I like their writing style and their different ideas about it.  They have both lost parents.  I especially like their personal stories of how they have handled death.  A recent post gets into the question, do men and women feel and express grieving in gender specific ways. One of my favorites is about the death of pets.  When my wife died, I didn't cry until a favorite cat had to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge soon after the passing of my wife.  That did it. Others articles talk about music, memorial services and funerals, and the words we use about grieving.  I was very interested in their thoughts about the groups that are offered to us by funeral homes or local agencies so we can be with others dealing with death. I like their ideas about how important it is to find a group that's right for you.  I didn't attend a group when my wife died and don't feel that I would be comfortable in that setting. Sometimes I think I might go to one to get a feeling of how it works.   I know there are lots of bereaved folks who find much comfort in talking about it with others that are going through it  Anyway, do take a look at "What's Your Grief?"  If you or someone you care about is dealing with a loss you might want to share it.

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