Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stop the music!

Death talk #3

Here's one from my goofychurchstuff blog way back in 2008. 

 I attended a traditional funeral service yesterday ... hymns, prayers, bible readings, nice eulogy, the whole thing.  I liked it. Some of services where they play the deceased's favorite music are a bit hard to take. I know this gets into the thing about whether funerals are for the departed or the ones still here.  It's mostly for friends and family to share memories.  But I still don't want to hear ear busting rock or twangin' country. Let's assume the departed one is listening to his or her favorite music in heaven, so don't make me hear it here, OK?

That was seven years ago and and I continue to have some hare-brained ideas about my memorial service.  For a while it would be in the theater downtown with a special friend who was a  young theater organ prodigy playing the pipe organ. Then I was going to record a message to be played.  Music  ranged from sentimental old standard popular songs to Christian hymns and good old gospel songs. I don't think I had a favorite clergy person in mind to send me on my way. Well maybe online preacher friend John Keener but he's in Montana. My own recorded modest and humble eulogy would do it better anyway. I just got another idea.  I was on a local radio polka show the other day. Wouldn't it be fun for friends and family to listen to two hours of polka music along with my reminiscing?  Not much.

Have no fear, it's not going to happen that way. There will be no service. Please do not complain that you were deprived of the opportunity to get together and say nice things about me.  Just send me a smile, thinking of what a grand production it might have been and thanking me for not making you sit through it.


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